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от anglinafatty
19 Май 2021, 09:25
Форум: Сгъваеми ножове
Тема: Cold Steel Rajah 3
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Re: Cold Steel Rajah 3

Cold Steel Rajah Knife is made with very Good Material. It Easily Cut the Hard thing. I also have some pocket knife, filleting knife for fish and cleaver. But Cold Steel Rajah Knife is the Best knife ever I used in my life.
от anglinafatty
19 Май 2021, 09:09
Форум: Сгъваеми ножове
Тема: Нож за подарък
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Re: Нож за подарък

I also get a gift from my girlfriend
от anglinafatty
19 Май 2021, 09:05
Форум: Купува/продава
Тема: Кован сатър за продан
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Re: Кован сатър за продан

How many prices of these choppers
от anglinafatty
19 Май 2021, 08:58
Форум: Ковачницата
Тема: Търся майстор !!!
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Re: Търся майстор !!!

I also looking for this
от anglinafatty
19 Май 2021, 08:57
Форум: Ножове с фиксирано острие
Тема: Керамични ножове
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Re: Керамични ножове

ceramic knife is a knife designed with a ceramic blade typically made from zirconium dioxide. ceramic knives perform considerably better than steel knives. The test proves they do stay sharp for a longer amount of time. In using the knives we have not felt the difference in sharpness between ceramic...